Where are you on your big data journey?

At the starting blocks? Achieving pockets of progress? Nowhere near where you’d like to be? Disillusioned? All of the above?

And that’s where Big DiP Europe 2015 comes in. 

In a nutshell, Big DiP Europe will illuminate the next steps you need to make in your big data journey with the end goal of revolutionising value-based personalised healthcare always at the forefront. 

Integrate, collaborate and get real

  1. Achieve Integration and Data Alignment - Make data silos a thing of the past; integrate adn unstructured data and ultimately get your data in a state where it's comparable and usable
  2. Collaborate for Success - Find the right partners, develop measurements that are meaningful to all, and develop win-win data collaboration for the future.
  3. Optimise real world data - Find out how to source RWD, how to manage it, where to use it and how to achieve real results without bias.

These are the solutions you can expect at Big DiP Europe, but what makes it unique compared to all other Big Data conferences out there?

Candid. Visionary. Practical. 

Candid - There'll be no evangelisitc celebration of Big Data, it will be smart individuals asking difficult questions.

  • What does "Big Data" really mean to pharma right now?
  • What are the problems Big Data can fix where traditional methods fail?
  • What are the perils of Big Data that we're blinkered to?

Visionary - Expect to see a diverse and challenging array of speakers beyond the pharma industry. Some will be extraordinary. Some will be highly practical. Others true disruptors. But it's the mix that's important - a mix designed to inspire and inform. 

Practical - Be bombarded with practical applications of Big Data. You'll find ideas for those successful pilots you need in order to justify the investment to scale up your Big Data approach. There'll be two streams so you can focus on the applications most relevant to you.